White Papers

White Papers

New Report Identifies Potential Reforms to the Medicare Advantage Quality Bonus Program That Could Save Up to $108 billion

Future Visions of Reform: Policy Options for The Medicare Advantage Quality Bonus Program and Star Ratings In this report, Leavitt Partners has identified a set of eight policy options to reform the Medicare Advantage (MA) Quality Bonus Program (QBP) and the Star Ratings System. These policy options are intended to improve the MA program for … Read more

Elevating the Beneficiary Perspective: Recommendations on How the CMS Innovation Center Can Enhance Beneficiary Engagement

Several organizations convened by Leavitt Partners met to discuss ways to support the CMS Innovation Center’s goals that further elevate the beneficiary perspective. The organizations provided their feedback on opportunities to help ensure that the Innovation Center’s objectives were met and that the agency efforts were accountable to stakeholders and transparent in their execution. These … Read more

Delivering on the Promise of a Patient First Health Care System: A Compromise Approach to Site-Neutral Payments

Today, Leavitt Partners released a new policy framework that proposes a compromise path forward on implementing site-neutral payments. Medicare is an incredibly important program, providing more than 65 million Americans with access to robust health care benefits. As the program has grown, mounting concerns have been raised about its affordability for Medicare beneficiaries and the … Read more

New Report: Analyzing the Expanded Landscape of Value-Based Entities – Implications and Opportunities of Enablers for the CMS Innovation Center and the Broader Value Movement

New Report Analyzes the Expanding Landscape of Value-Based Entities     Research from HMA and LP VBP experts segments and sizes the growing enabler market, considering benefits and risks, and proposing guiding principles and policy recommendations for the CMS Innovation Center A new in-depth HMA report analyzes the landscape of emerging value-based entities and the implications … Read more

New White Paper: A Vision for the Future of Medicare Advantage Supplemental Benefits: Advancing Value, But Validating Results

Medicare Advantage plans in the United States continue to explode in popularity, now reaching over 30 million Americans, due to the broad appeal of supplemental benefits that can be offered by plans to enrollees. What started off as a core set of benefit offerings, including dental, vision, and over-the-counter medications, has recently been expanded by … Read more

New White Paper: “Aggregated Precision Investment: Strengths, Weaknesses, and Potential Paths Forward”

In “Aggregated Precision Investment: Strengths, Weaknesses, and Potential Paths Forward,” Rebecca Nielsen, Brooke Zollinger, and Sarah Johnson from Leavitt Partners explore the feasibility of operationalizing an aggregated precision investment (API) model for social determinants of health (SDOH) interventions. The authors derive their findings from subject matter expert interviews, conversations with potential aggregators, and relevant secondary research. This article enumerates … Read more

New white paper from Medicines Development Modernization Initiative

Data science and digital health in clinical development and operations: impact, challenges, and calls to action for the drug development ecosystem In this paper, the Medicines Development Modernization Initiative discuss how three medicines development tools (MDTs) – artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithms, digital health tools (DHTs), and augmentation of randomized controlled trial … Read more

Supporting Pharmacy Data Interoperability: An Imperative for Patient Access and Outcomes

Pharmacy provision of clinical services is important to patient access and outcomes. As patients access more services from pharmacies, the data interoperability of those pharmacies becomes more important to the healthcare system at-large. Pharmacy teams’ ability to provide optimal care and meaningfully contribute to the value-based care transformation depends on their ability to access and … Read more

Leavitt Partners Report Identifies Strategies to Improve Pharmacy Data Interoperability

Today, Leavitt Partners, an HMA Company released a report outlining steps federal and state policymakers, technology and electronic health record (EHR) companies, health plans, pharmacies, and other healthcare providers can take to strengthen pharmacy data interoperability. As patients access more services from pharmacies, the data interoperability of those pharmacies becomes increasingly important to patients and … Read more