Elevating the Beneficiary Perspective: Recommendations on How the CMS Innovation Center Can Enhance Beneficiary Engagement

Several organizations convened by Leavitt Partners met to discuss ways to support the CMS Innovation Center’s goals that further elevate the beneficiary perspective. The organizations provided their feedback on opportunities to help ensure that the Innovation Center’s objectives were met and that the agency efforts were accountable to stakeholders and transparent in their execution. These discussions led to a comprehensive set of recommendations regarding the Innovation Center’s process for model operation. These recommendations are applicable across model types and should be applied to new models in development. 

This white paper includes background on the Strategy Refresh and recommendations made by organizations to make critical improvements throughout the model development and implementation process. The recommendations focus on better incorporating individual beneficiaries, caregivers, CBOs, and advocates throughout the model lifecycle, addressing health disparities and health equity, and improving efforts to collect data across Innovation Center models.