Our Mission

Mission Statement

We improve lives by advancing value-based care, striving to make healthcare more accessible, effective, and sustainable.

Our Values

Honor | We Exemplify Honorable Character. Always.

  • We strive, at all times, to be passionately trustworthy, discreet, fair, and honest.
  • We labor under the humbling realization that we are imperfect, and with gratitude, we commit ourselves to continued self-renewal.
  • We care for those in need and for the next generation.

Team | We Really Like and Respect the People with Whom We Work.

  • We work and excel as an integrated, mission-driven family of LP businesses.
  • We value high collaborative IQ, and we work with anyone of good will.
  • We strive to communicate early and often, candidly, and with respect.

Hard Work | We Work Hard and With an Abundance Mentality.

  • We aspire to excellence and to accomplish big things; we do more than expected, before expected, and better than expected.
  • We rise to the most difficult challenges offered by the market, our clients, and our colleagues.
  • We thrive together as talented, innovative, entrepreneurial, intelligent, dedicated professionals.

Stewardship | We Are Wise Stewards of Resources.

  • We are accountable to specific performance metrics.
  • We strive to grow, to be profitable, and to thrive as an ongoing firm.
  • We dedicate our time, talent, and resources to serve the needs of our communities.

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