New White Paper: A Vision for the Future of Medicare Advantage Supplemental Benefits: Advancing Value, But Validating Results

Medicare Advantage plans in the United States continue to explode in popularity, now reaching over 30 million Americans, due to the broad appeal of supplemental benefits that can be offered by plans to enrollees. What started off as a core set of benefit offerings, including dental, vision, and over-the-counter medications, has recently been expanded by Congress and Administrations to include a wider range of both health and non-health benefits. While this expansion has brought significant innovation in care delivery models, it has also brought questions around validating benefit value. In this white paper, Matt Gallivan, director at Leavitt Partners, an HMA company, outlines the expansion of supplemental benefit offerings, highlights both the innovations and opportunities for improvement in the existing benefit models, and makes recommendations around increasing transparency, protecting patients, and validating benefit value.

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