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Addressing Health Disparities Among Racially & Culturally Diverse Populations in Utah During COVID-19
December 14, 2020

This report discusses the spotlight COVID-19 has put on health disparities in Utah and around the nation. The report was conducted in partnership with the Multicultural Advisory Committee of Utah’s COVID-19 Response. The report analyzes the national landscape of health disparities, providing interventions that could be employed in the state. The English version of the […]

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Evaluating CMMI’s Latest Opportunity for Rural Payment & Delivery Transformation
November 18, 2020

In August 2020, CMMI announced its latest rural initiative, the Community Health Access and Rural Transformation (CHART) model, a voluntary opportunity for rural communities to test care transformation supported by value-based payment reform. The CHART model includes two participation tracks, the Community Transformation Track and the ACO Transformation Track, which will offer upfront investments, predictable […]

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Access to New Cures & Innovative Care for Medicaid Patients
October 20, 2020

Cell and gene therapies (CGTs) are some of the most promising and exciting medical advancements taking place today. Some existing CGTs treat previously untreatable rare diseases, and there are hundreds of CGTs in clinical development to treat various types of cancer, hemophilia, sickle cell and other blood disorders, Alzheimer’s disease, and numerous rare conditions. The […]

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Is COVID-19 the “Telehealth Moment”?
August 31, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has created significant, ongoing challenges for organizations across the health care system. One unique challenge has been the need to provide ongoing primary and specialty care to patients who cannot physically visit a health care provider location, whether a physician’s office, clinic, or hospital. Health care providers have been forced to react […]

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COVID Hotspots
June 25, 2020

One way to monitor an infectious disease like COVID-19 is to look for “hotspots,” or places where growth of active cases are creating challenges relative to other regions. A hotspotting exercise allows policymakers, industry leaders, and other key stakeholders to quickly assess where to deploy resources. In this paper, we discuss some of the nuances […]

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Governor Leavitt’s Recommendations on How to Better Prepare for Pandemics
June 23, 2020

On June 23, 2020, Governor Michael O. Leavitt, former United States Secretary of Health and Human Services testified before the U.S. Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor & Pensions (HELP) in a hearing titled, “COVID-19: Lessons Learned to Prepare for the Next Pandemic.” HELP Committee Chairman Lamar Alexander (R-TN) released a white paper titled “Preparing […]

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We Cannot Predict, but We Can Prepare: How Employers Can Approach their COVID-19 Strategies
June 2, 2020

By Emilie Ebert and Alan Hanson As areas in the United States ease restrictions, and as more industries resume operations, many business owners are wary of how they could be impacted by future outbreaks of COVID-19. For many, restarting the economy is a relief. However, the threat of disruption from flare-ups in COVID-19 transmission have […]

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Understanding the Coronavirus & Situational Characteristics: A Framework for Individuals and Businesses for Mitigating Risk
May 26, 2020

As state and local leaders announce plans for reopening, Americans are venturing out of various levels of isolation to participate in the economy, as workers and consumers. Federal and local governments, public health entities (including the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control), business associations, and others are issuing guidelines to […]

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