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New Health Affairs Forefront Article: Imminent VFC Decisions are Critical for RSV Therapy Access
January 18, 2023

As respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), a seasonal pathogen in young children is challenging the national health care system as part of an unprecedented “tripledemic” with COVID-19 and flu this winter, authors with Leavitt Partners parent company Health Management Associates weigh in on potential coverage pathways for new monoclonal antibody (mAb) preventive therapies for RSV and […]

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The Role of ACOs in Advancing Health Equity: A Comparison Between MSSP and ACO REACH
December 6, 2022

CMS’s recent integration of health equity into its new and existing value-based payment (VBP) programs (as outlined below) signals a strong commitment to equitable care delivery. We expect health equity to be incorporated into additional federal programs and for private payers to follow CMS’s example in designing their own plans for managing the diverse needs […]

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New White Paper: The Impact of the 340B Program on Drug Prices Charged by Manufacturers and Covered Entities
December 1, 2022

Leavitt Partners examined publicly available resources to determine the 340B Drug Pricing Program’s (340B) impact on drug prices charged by both covered entities and pharmaceutical manufacturers. To answer these questions, Leavitt Partners undertook a comprehensive literature review of publicly available governmental reports, peer-reviewed journal articles, white papers, news articles, and other publicly available sources to […]

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Medical Legal Partnerships
October 28, 2022

As health care delivery systems invest resources into upstream determinants of health, some are wisely thinking about legal barriers that can get in the way of treating chronic and acute conditions. This webinar features innovative work that HMA is doing with Methodist Healthcare Ministries and Texas RioGrande Legal Aid to truly meet patients where they are […]

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Perspectives on Medicare Advantage 2023
October 20, 2022

As Medicare Advantage continues to grow and evolve, different pressures are shaping its success. Josh Trent from Leavitt Partners and Tim Murray from Wakely Consulting Group look ahead to the 2023 season, reflecting on important changes to STAR ratings, federal policy headwinds, and advice for those looking to succeed in this market.

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The CARIN Alliance Announces Code of Conduct Accreditation Program with EHNAC
October 4, 2022

Consumer health app developers are finding ways to help consumers and their physicians make better use of their health data. These apps can now get accredited for their compliance with best practices in managing personal health information, an important step towards building trust that consumers’ health data will be protected as it is moved more […]

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School-Based Behavioral Health / Wellness Clinics
September 26, 2022

This discussion on school-based behavioral health and wellness clinics features Leah Woodall, Section Chief, Division of Public Health, State of Delaware and Lucy Marrero, Director, Behavioral Health and Social Programs, Gold Coast Health Plans. They highlight the approaches states are taking to expand school-based wellness centers, challenges surrounding expanding school-based services, and opportunities to address the youth mental health […]

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New Leavitt Partners White Paper: The Impact of Medication Noncompliance in Pain Management & What Clinicians Can Do About It
September 21, 2022

 Nonadherence to a prescribed medication regimen for patients with chronic pain is associated with overall lower health outcomes, including increased hospital admissions, costs, and morbidity (quantitative review here). Deviations in timing, dosage, frequency, or duration of medication—all components of noncompliance—can cause medical reactions, increased pain, and medication use disorders, and can ultimately lead to emergency […]

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