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New Leavitt Partners White Paper: The Impact of Medication Noncompliance in Pain Management & What Clinicians Can Do About It
September 21, 2022

 Nonadherence to a prescribed medication regimen for patients with chronic pain is associated with overall lower health outcomes, including increased hospital admissions, costs, and morbidity (quantitative review here). Deviations in timing, dosage, frequency, or duration of medication—all components of noncompliance—can cause medical reactions, increased pain, and medication use disorders, and can ultimately lead to emergency […]

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Data Disruption in Healthcare Replay
September 9, 2022

Data Disruption in Healthcare Replay:  Disruption is an aspirational goal for many in healthcare, but sometimes things happen that truly disrupt the disruptors. Watch the LinkedIn Live discussion, “Five Factors Driving Data Disruption” where Leavitt Partners Principal Ryan Howells and Senior Director Jennifer Colamonico explored how policy changes and market responses are changing the data […]

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One Utah Health Collaborative
August 26, 2022

The State of Utah has taken a novel approach to driving improvements in health outcomes and reducing costs of care by creating One Utah Health Collaborative, a not-for-profit initiative to educate patients, providers, and other stakeholders on the merits of “value,” where all sides are encouraged to use their influence to change the system. Join […]

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Digital Health Private Investment Q2 2022
July 18, 2022

In April 2022, we published a blog post exploring Q1 digital health funding within the US using a framework introduced by Leavitt Partners in a recently published whitepaper. Applying the same methods, we tracked funding across the digital health landscape In Q2. Q2 saw 144 deals in digital health for a total investment of $4.6 billion and an average deal […]

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Rural Healthcare Transformation
July 14, 2022

Though rural providers experience unique challenges when serving their communities, rural healthcare is not stuck in the past. Innovative tools, partnerships, and resources are critical for building trust and supporting a rural population.Our experts and guest speakers discussed their experiences leading healthcare systems in rural communities, addressing: Why collaboration is key How transformation in rural […]

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Behavioral Health: Future Value Based Models (Behavioral Health Series – Part 3)
May 18, 2022

Care delivery models for behavioral health are outdated, and current payment models are a bottleneck for innovation and reform. Technology is playing a bigger role as demand grows, but it’s not a magical solution to all of our problems. On this webinar, Andrew Croshaw will talk with HMA’s Gina Lasky and Katie DiPerna Cook from […]

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Improving Our Behavioral Health System: State Innovations (Behavioral Health Series – Part 2)
April 21, 2022

(Part 2 of 3 of the LinkedIn Live Behavioral Health Series) States’ behavioral health systems are often fragmented with outdated models that impact both patient outcomes and workforce burnout. This webinar will showcase how states are responding to these challenges to drive clinical transformation, featuring work being done by HMA’s Dr. Gina Lasky along with Dr. Morgan Medlock, […]

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Tracking Q1 Digital Health Private Investing In 2022 Using A New Taxonomy
April 20, 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic significantly accelerated the demand for digital healthcare alternatives. As a result, private investors are looking for promising digital health startups or companies to financially back. One common problem investors will undoubtedly encounter when assessing opportunities in digital health is that stakeholders are often not speaking the same language. In February 2022, Leavitt Partners […]

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