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The United States health care system is undergoing a significant transformation, which will profoundly change the industry’s product and services transactions over the next decade. Leavitt Partners’ seasoned team of experts advises C-suite and other executives in making strategic decisions within the evolving heath care economy. Our intelligence provides our clients a better understanding of what the future holds.

Why We’re Different

Using a rigorous and highly collaborative approach, we support clients in making consequential strategic decisions ranging from new market entry to partner identification. We focus on a finite set of strategic questions. This allows us to approach our clients with a depth of experience in the very decision they are wrestling with, and to bring highly relevant insights from across the healthcare industry. Given our heritage as a firm dedicated to advancing value-based care, we also have outsized acumen as it relates to the transition to value—both in the adoption of payment models, as well as in the broader race to improve quality and outcomes.

Strategic Growth Services

Situational Analysis

Situational Analysis: Make smart and informed decisions with a 360-degree view of your position in the market

We advise clients on key decisions around entering new product, market, and customer segments.  We guide those decisions through a comprehensive situational analysis that accounts for competitive dynamics, customer demand, as well as relevant regulatory, economic and policy factors. This multi-domain analysis enables clients to make important decisions informed by the internal and external factors that affect their business.

Market Ranking & Segmentation Analysis

Geographic Market Ranking: Determine attractive markets for growth with our customizable modeling

We help clients determine which geographical markets are the most promising to enter. In close collaboration with the client, our team combines market intelligence and core data assets with insights from industry decision-makers and subject matter experts to identify and weight key market variables. Through this modeling we rank-order attractive markets for entry. This robust, data-driven approach is highly customizable and incorporates client-specific information to help guide the client’s strategic decision making and resource allocation. Click here to see an example of how our Geographic Market Ranking work helped our client strategically understand which markets to prioritize for entry.

Customer Segmentation: Identify and target the right customers with our quantitative analysis

We identify promising prospective client tranches using quantitative analysis. We execute this segmentation-based research on customer needs, preferences, and interests to help clients better understand the nuances and differences within specific verticals within the healthcare market. Our team identifies unique customer segments by leveraging core data and intelligence assets that allow for tailored product and marketing strategies. Click here to see an example of how our Customer Segmentation work has allowed our clients to make informed decisions about which customers to target and how to create specific and compelling value propositions for each customer segment.

Value Proposition & Go-to-Market Strategy

Value Proposition Assessment: Hone a value proposition that resonates with the market

We help clients hone value propositions that resonate in the market, adapt their solutions to meet the needs of value purchasers, and design and enter into value-based contracts with commercial partners.  Our approach includes customized surveys, expert interviews, focus groups, and use of our proprietary data resources. Click here to see an example of how our Value Proposition Assessment work helped our client to understand with which payer segment their value proposition most resonated.

Go-to-Market Strategy: Enter a new market equipped with the right strategy

We conduct a multi-domain analysis to support a market entry decision and related considerations. We verify the size and growth of the overall market and identify customer needs, use cases, buying behavior, and competitive positioning. Our team also profiles competitors and inventories the client’s assets and partnerships. Equipped with insights from this in-depth primary and secondary research, we develop a strategy for how the client should enter the market.

Strategic Planning & Scenario Planning

Strategic Planning Facilitation: Chart your strategic direction fully informed on your market realities

We support leadership teams’ arrival at strategic decisions using facilitation techniques and research tools. Our team performs robust primary and secondary research to provide clients with a 360-degree view of their position in the market, including their internal assets, competencies, and partnerships; the competitive environment; market demand for the client’s services or products; and relevant political and economic conditions. In collaboration with the client, we codify our quantitative and qualitative research into a series of decisions for the company’s strategic direction. Click here to see how our Strategic Planning support services successfully helped the cruise industry develop COVID protocols.

Scenario Planning: Prepare to succeed in several potential policy, regulatory, economic, and political environments

We assist clients in developing organization-specific strategies in altered economic, policy, regulatory and political landscapes. We have extensive knowledge and experience in guiding organizations to better understand how these shifts will affect their operations, and how organizations can formulate tactical responses to potential scenario outcomes. Our team articulates future national and state scenarios reflecting changing policy, possible outcomes of key elections, and trajectories of the future of healthcare information technology. We also explore the impact of those scenarios on a company’s competencies and assets, competitive environment, partner relationships, and customer needs. We recommend strategic reactions and engage leaders in working sessions to formulate their tailored path forward.

Investor Services

Comprehensive Due Diligence: Evaluate investment opportunities with the right insights

Leavitt Partners provides a comprehensive review of investment questions, including: market fundamentals, investment target core competencies, investment target profiling and competitive analysis, investment target success drivers, market trends and gaps, high potential markets, regulatory and policy implications, etc. Click here for more information on how we support Investor clients. Click here for our 2022 white paper on Navigating the Digital Health Landscape.

Targeted Due Diligence: Receive trustworthy answers to your most important questions

Leavitt Partners informs investor diligence by leveraging proprietary data resources and its unique intelligence network to answer a key question of interest and to help identify potential unforeseen risks and considerations associated with the investment opportunity. Click here for more information on how we support Investor clients. Click here for our 2022 white paper on Navigating the Digital Health Landscape.

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