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Our experts and analysts frequently contribute to news and media reports on health care policy and related topics. A complete listing of recent publications are below.

Recording of Discussion 19: Vaccine Credentialing
September 16, 2021

More businesses and events are requiring proof of vaccination. As health care catches up to the digital economy, the private sector is coming together to build solutions that provide people access to their medical information – in this case, their vaccination record – to enable safer commerce and travel. On September 16th, Andrew Croshaw moderated […]

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Norwegian Cruise Line Stages a ‘Great Cruise Comeback’
August 23, 2021

Travel Market Report: Governor Mike Leavitt was mentioned in the article titled, “Norwegian Cruise Line Stages a ‘Great Cruise Comeback’”. This article discusses the Healthy Sail Panel’s 74 recommendations that were given to the company even before vaccines were available. The company accepted them all and are now on track to continue service with new […]

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The Advantages of Medicare Advantage
July 19, 2021

Managed Healthcare Executive: David Muhlestein was quoted in an article discussing the cost savings for beneficiaries in Medicare Advantage (MA) plans. Some say the cost per enrollee for the government is higher than that for traditional Medicare. David Muhlestein cautions against an overly rosy picture of MA. Because of the differences between MA and traditional […]

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Recording of Discussion 18: The Value Imperative for the Pharmaceutical Industry
July 16, 2021

Those launching new pharmaceutical brands face a different landscape of payers and customers, requiring commercial strategies that show the value of the product. The current pressure on healthcare costs creates a unique imperative to embrace value-based solutions. On July 16th, Andrew Croshaw, Jeremy Bahr, and Leavitt Partners advisor Prem Kumar discussed how value in pharmaceuticals […]

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Recording of Discussion 17: Political Checkpoint – An Inflection Point
June 24, 2021

U.S. health policy is at an inflection point as the pandemic slowly winds down and policy makers look ahead to the future. This discussion gave a glimpse behind the headlines to understand where health care policy may go over the next 6-12 months. Andrew Croshaw hosted the discussion with Josh Trent and Jennifer Colamonico, regular contributors of D.C. […]

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Governor Leavitt, Rebecca Nielsen, and David Muhlestein in Health Affairs Blog Highlight Need for Aggregated Personal Investment When Addressing SDOH
June 14, 2021

Health Affairs: Governor Leavitt, Rebecca Nielsen, and David Muhlestein recently authored a Health Affairs Blog, describing another approach to catalyze sustainable investment in social determinants of health (SDOH). They discussed how “aggregated personal investment” (API) can address SDOH in communities where cohesive multistakeholder groups don’t exist. They highlighted the need for SDOH investment but the […]

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Recording of Discussion 16: Strategic Approaches to Reducing Health Disparities at the State Level
May 25, 2021

Andrew Croshaw, Patricia Doxey, and guest speaker Dulce Diez, Director of the Office of Health Disparities at the Utah Department of Health, hosted a conversation focused on reducing health inequities at the state level. A recording of the discussion can be found below. Slides can be found here. Follow our company LinkedIn page to join the live […]

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Recording of Discussion 15: The Emergence of Long-COVID and Key Implications
May 6, 2021

Andrew Croshaw, Josh Trent, and Dr. Brett Giroir hosted a conversation that examined the emergence of long-COVID (or Post-Acute Sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 infection, PASC). The discussion included implications healthcare stakeholders should consider including data and evidence generation, potential models of care delivery, patients’ costs and care needs, and potential socio-economic impacts. A recording of the discussion can […]

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