Health Intelligence Partners September Tabletop: Driving Value Forward with Patients and Physicians

On September 19, Leavitt Partners Health Intelligence Partners (HIP) hosted a tabletop discussion in Washington D.C. on driving value forward with patients and physicians. Tabletop discussions bring together stakeholders with varying perspectives and allow participants to consider how current government and market events may impact their organization’s strategic goals. In September’s tabletop, participants addressed the question: how do the two individuals at the center of the health care interaction—patients and physicians—define value?

Attendees discussed challenges to achieving the value promise for patients and physicians and strategies for overcoming those barriers.

Barriers to achieving the value promise for patients and physicians include:

  • Differing definitions of value among patients and physicians
  • Fraying of the physician community and commoditization of physicians
  • Weakening of the patient-physician relationship
  • Insufficient data flow among providers and between providers and patients

Strategies for achieving the value promise for patients and physicians include:

  • Putting primary care physicians in the lead on care coordination
  • Reinvigorating the patient-physician relationship, recognizing that not all patients want the same kind of relationship
  • Understanding how patients and physicians define value differently, to minimize gaps
  • Providing patients with relevant clinical information and financial information, including the cost of different treatment options, at the point of care
  • Engaging patients as equally trusted and respected members of the care team

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