New Research Shows Impact of Recent Policies on ACO Growth

Salt Lake City, October 21, 2019— Leavitt Partners and the Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy released “Spread of ACOs And Value-Based Payment Models In 2019: Gauging the Impact of Pathways to Success,” which leveraged data from Torch Insight, a robust, market-centric data integration and analytics platform developed by Leavitt Partners Insight. This annual paper summarizes the growth and geographic spread of Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and highlights trends with value-based care.

Notable findings include:

  • As of the beginning of the third quarter 2019, an estimated 1,588 ACO contracts among 995 ACOs are covering 44 million lives.
  • For the first time, the number of ACOs has decreased, with a net reduction across all payers since 2018. Some of this decrease may have been a result of the new Pathways to Success program from Medicare, which requires ACOs to assume downside risk.
  • The total number of lives covered by ACO contracts increased, some of which was driven by the growth of commercial contracts.
  • The proportion of ACOs accepting downside risk has increased significantly, including a slightly higher percentage of physician-led ACOs accepting risk-based contracts.
  • Major new alternative payment models for Medicare, including Primary Care First, Direct Contracting, and specialty models for kidney health and radiation oncology, will expand the types of value-based arrangements that providers can enter.

These findings suggest that population-based alternative payment models, such as those covered by ACOs, have slowed, but that the appetite for many providers to move toward value-based payment models continues. Of note, the willingness of more providers to accept contracts with downside risk suggest that providers are becoming more comfortable with risk as they feel confident that they can effectively manage its possibility.

For a complete review of the findings, visit the Health Affairs Blog here.


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