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Health Intelligence Partners (HIP) is an intelligence community providing relevant political, policy, and market insights, cross-stakeholder dialogue on key issues, and strategic guidance to help organizations navigate the changing health care economy. Participants use these insights for strategic planning, environmental monitoring, and market intelligence. Those that benefit most from HIP perform the following types of roles within their organization:

  • C-Suite Executives & Strategic Planners
  • Product Development and Innovation
  • Market or Business Intelligence

Why We're Different

HIP brings together strategic planners and executives from across health care – providers, payers, pharma, digital technology, health care IT, devices, and policy influencers – to better understand our future. HIP insights come from a combination of savvy advisors and survey data, and are delivered via three main formats:

  • Perspectives: Regular analysis and commentary around major developments, providing thought leadership on key industry trends and events.
  • Engagements: Strategic discussions analyzing key trends, mapping-out future scenarios, and identifying key tools for navigating uncertainty.
  • Strategic Insights: Deep dive into issues and sector dynamics with Leavitt Partners practice leaders and researchers providing insights on what matters most.

Health Intelligence Partners Programming

HIP programming explores solutions to the key questions of access, value, cost and prevention.

Major Topic Themes for 2019

  • Disruptive Insurance: Creating better insurance around value-based benefits, more affordable plans, and new entrants to disrupt
    the status quo.
  • Improving Health in States and Communities: Bridging resources and aligning incentives to support healthier and more resilient
  • Driving Value: Setting the pace of value through public payer innovation, increasing private sector risk, and expanding delivery

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Meet Our Experts

Jennifer Colamonico
Senior Director
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David Muhlestein
Chief Research Officer
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Vince Ventimiglia
Chairman, Leavitt Partners Board of Managers
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Susan Winckler
Chief Risk Management Officer; President, Leavitt Partners Solutions
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Ian Morrison, Ph.D.
Senior Advisor and Futurist: Health Systems and Leadership
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Kim Slocum
Senior Advisor, Life Sciences, Technology and Employer Issues
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Mark D. Smith, M.D., MBA
Senior Advisor, Provider Issues
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Humphrey Taylor
Senior Advisor, Consumerism, Provider Issues and Politics
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