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Health Intelligence Partners (HIP) is a membership-based community of health care leaders (e.g., industry leaders, strategists, innovators, enablers of change) seeking to understand, navigate, and thrive in the evolving health care economy. HIP supports clients seeking to identify trends and prepare for change.

HIP participants and attendees are typically those who track developments across the health care ecosystem and develop market strategies to drive organizational success.

  • C-Suite Executives & Strategic Planners
  • Product Development and Innovation
  • Market or Business Intelligence
  • Government or Federal Affairs

2020 Program Overview

Navigating the Uncertainties

  • Chances of Political Upheaval
  • Chances of Economic Upheaval
  • Chances of Major Disruptive Innovation

Planning for the Future

  • More & Better Data Strategies
  • More Coordinated & Value-Based Patient Care
  • More Affordable & Accessible Health

Guiding Through the Uncertainty, Advancing the Strategies that Matter

We step into 2020 facing a presidential election, a potential recession, downward pressure on prices, and value at a crossroads, with pressure from all sides to show results. This creates uncertainty for strategic planning and product development.

Health Intelligence Partners is designed to help guide you through the uncertainty…while helping you to advance specific strategies that will matter no matter what. We will provide you important data, diverse and divergent perspectives, and the collective wisdom of those with leadership experience in uncertain times.

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Meet Our Experts

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David Muhlestein
Chief Research Officer, Leavitt Partners
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Susan Winckler
Chief Risk Management Officer; President, Leavitt Partners Solutions
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Vince Ventimiglia
President, Leavitt Partners Collaborative Advocates
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Ian Morrison, Ph.D.
Senior Advisor and Futurist: Health Systems and Leadership
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Kim Slocum
Senior Advisor, Life Sciences, Technology and Employer Issues
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Mark D. Smith, M.D., MBA
Senior Advisor, Provider Issues
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