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Leavitt Partners provides expert advice, strategy support and tools to help address the complex issues facing digital health vendors. Our market assessments enable you to align your capabilities and offerings with the industry’s needs so that you enter the right markets at the right time. Our keen understanding of federal and state policy and regulation also helps vendors navigate the intricacies of government action impacting coverage, access, quality, and interoperability.

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Geographic Market Segmentation
Leavitt Partners performs comprehensive research to segment markets for Healthcare Information Technology clients looking to micro-target prospective customers and partnerships. Leavitt Partners executes this segmentation-based research on customer needs, preferences, and interests to help clients better understand the demographics of populations. Our team identifies unique markets by leveraging core data and intelligence assets that allow for tailored product and marketing strategies.

Situational Analysis
Leavitt Partners performs situational analysis for Healthcare Information Technology companies exploring new product lines, entering new markets, and customer segmentation identification. Our team evaluates the client’s core competencies, partnerships, market demand for products, regulatory/policy environment, and competition to inform the organization’s strategic direction.

Leavitt Partners conducts comprehensive research both internally and across the market to identify opportunities for competitive advantages. Leavitt Partners will assess each factor independently, and then synthesize findings to surface growth opportunities and recommendations.  Such opportunities may be characterized by features including robust market demand, strong alignment with organizational competencies, favorable regulatory, economic and/or policy factors, a tempered competitive environment, and/or strong alignment with existing partner relationships.

Scenario Planning
Leavitt Partners assists Healthcare Information Technology companies in developing organization-specific strategies in altered economic, policy, regulatory and political landscapes. Leavitt Partners has extensive knowledge and experience in guiding organizations to better understand how these shifts will affect their operations and how organizations can formulate tactical responses to potential scenario outcomes.

Our team articulates future national and state scenarios reflecting changing policy, possible outcomes of key elections, and trajectories of the future of healthcare information technology, and explores the impact of those scenarios on a company’s competencies and assets, competitive environment, partner relationships, and customer needs. Leavitt Partners recommends strategic reactions and engages leaders in working sessions to formulate their tailored path forward.

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