Patricia Doxey

Patricia Doxey

Associate Principal

[email protected]

Patricia Doxey is a director at Leavitt Partners, where she leads client engagements and cultivates client relationships. Patricia brings strong expertise in public health strategy, health equity, and data visualization, working with a number of private and public stakeholders across the industry. Patricia also leads Leavitt Partners’ corporate training program, implementing a skills-based, context-driven methodology that focusses on developing key competencies.

Prior to joining Leavitt Partners, Patricia was a managing editor and project manager for Diplomatic Language Services. In this role, Patricia provided quality control and pedagogical review of target language material. She also managed production/editing workflow and designed curriculum and project templates. While she was obtaining her bachelor’s and master’s degrees, Patricia was a writing instructor and writer.

Patricia received her bachelor’s in English from Brigham Young University and a master’s in English from the University of Florida.