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About D.C. Direct

From the latest updates on the federal response to the COVID-19 pandemic, to anticipating the likely health policy changes after the election, what happens in Washington will impact virtually every health care organization. Leavitt Partners offers a suite of integrated services that help our clients anticipate and interpret key federal health policy, political, and personnel developments in Washington, D.C.

The Evolving Health Policy Landscape

Congress and a new Administration will face the dual challenge of pandemic management as well as significant, paradigm-changing health care policies, ranging from drug pricing, Medicare-for-All, Medicaid policies, insurance benefit redesign, modifications to value-based care, digital health, and risk-bearing entities. Organizations seeking to influence the outcome of these policy debates, and thrive in a new regulatory environment, must have the most current information, informed by partners who understand the legislative and regulatory processes, as well as the underlying policy under consideration.

Transforming Information to Insights

Leavitt Partners’ D.C. Direct services not only helps clients understand what key federal health policy developments occur each week, but also explains why they matter. We serve our clients with insights on the latest headlines and the behind-the-scenes changes in the Administration and Congress. We help clients understand how to navigate key federal health personnel, policy, and political decisions that will ultimately affect every health care stakeholder. We distill complicated, convoluted sets of information into meaningful, concise, and actionable insights. These insights help clients better understand the present and stay well-informed to prepare for and shape the future.

D.C. Policy Forum

Every January, we host the annual D.C. Policy Forum in Washington, D.C., which features a series of conversations with senior Congressional and Administration staff, moderated by Leavitt Partners’ leadership. Our objective is to help attendees understand the health care policy agenda for the coming year.

D.C. Pulse Weekly Webinars

These weekly, 45-minute discussion-driven webinars provides comprehensive, focused intelligence and analysis from Washington D.C. on legislation, administrative rules and guidance, and personnel. Webinars feature insights and interpretation from leaders in the Leavitt Partners D.C. office who have previous experience in the halls of Congress and Administrations. Questions are welcomed and answered during the webinar or in follow up emails. All webinars are recorded for clients to be able to listen to at their convenience if they are unable to attend live events.

Intelligence and Strategy Calls

Once per quarter, we offer clients an exclusive one-on-one intelligence and strategy call to discuss policy topics of specific interest to the client. This call will include one or more Principals at Leavitt Partners and can include additional Leavitt Partners’ experts with subject matter expertise in areas of client interest.

Deep Dive Issue Briefs

Each month, we will produce a written, detailed policy brief on a specific federal health policy issue that is poised to have a significant impact on health care stakeholders.

Federal Insights Briefs

Once or more per week, we provide analysis of the most important federal health policy developments coming out of Congress and Administration. Beyond the press releases and announcements coming out of the Administration, we help you understand what actions are most relevant and provide insights on why these actions matter. On the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue, Congress’ health policy activities may take the form of legislation, oversight actions, or political developments. We provide context and analysis to explain how these policy developments connect the broader trends shaping the evolution of American health care. 

Federal Forecasts

Four or more times per year, as major federal policy issues that could significantly impact health care stakeholders emerge, we will host webinars or in-person briefings in Washington, D.C. These important and timely topics could include our pre-election and post-election insights with Governor Mike Leavitt, as well as the annual D.C. Policy Forum.

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