Leavitt Partners Releases “Medicare Alternative Payment Models: Not Every Provider Has a Path Forward” White Paper

Salt Lake City, September 11, 2017 –  Alternative Payment Models (APMs) have gained bipartisan support as a medium to produce the health care delivery transformations necessary to decrease health care costs and increase the quality of care. Today, Leavitt Partners released a new white paper, “Medicare Alternative Payment Models: Not Every Provider Has a Path Forward,” examining the availability of Medicare APMs to various provider types.

The authors categorized 45 Medicare payment models using the “Alternative Payment Model Framework” published by the Health Care Payment Learning & Action Network. Results demonstrate that there are many providers who do not currently have a Medicare APM in which to participate. Key findings include:

  1. Emergency physicians and audiologists do not currently qualify to participate in any Medicare APMs;
  2. Other providers have limited access to APMs; and
  3. There are still several Medicare payment models that are tied to the fee-for-service system.

As the need to decrease health care costs escalates, the importance of transitioning to APMs will increase. A systematic approach to payment model creation and testing can be developed by collaborating with providers who currently do not have access to a Medicare APM.

The white paper can be accessed here.

About Leavitt Partners:

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