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LP News Update

Market Narrow Network -- 115

Leavitt Partners latest white paper Market Narrow Networks and Exchange Pricing identifies how narrow networks are reemerging as a hot-button topic in health care as many health insurance companies consider excluding more expensive providers and hospitals. Our study covers 53 urban markets and identifies which markets, on average, have the broadest and the narrowest non-exchange based networks and how much network exclusivity correlates with exchange pricing across markets.
View White Paper Here

About Us

Leavitt Partners is a health care intelligence business. Through our member-based collaboration called Health Intelligence Partners™ and direct services to clients, we provide the best available window to the future of health care. By conferring with an authoritative group of health care thought leaders known as FuturePanel™ and applying our qualitative predictive model called FutureFrame™, we help our clients see the future of American health care.

LP Health Intelligence Partners

Health Intelligence Partners™ is a member-based, health care collaboration convened by Leavitt Partners. Created as a complement to the firm's signature product FutureFrame™ and panel of thought leaders called FuturePanel™, Health Intelligence Partners™ provides senior executives with valuable and actionable intelligence about the likely future of health care. Learn more here

LP Intelligence Centers

LP Center for Medicaid IntelligenceThe LP Center for Medicaid Intelligence provides a one-stop source for fiscal and programmatic information on state Medicaid programs and reform efforts.

LP Center for ACO IntelligenceThe LP Center for Accountable Care Intelligence collects, organizes and conveys information on ACO structural and operational models deployed throughout the country.

LP Center for Health Insurance Exchange IntelligenceThe LP Center for Health Insurance Exchange Intelligence advises entities on the rapidly evolving public and private health insurance exchange marketplace.

Food, Drug, Device, and Dietary SupplementsThe LP food, drug, device, and dietary supplement center provides tools through ReposiTrak to mitigate supply chain risk and enhance brand management.

LP Center for Value-Based Payment Systems IntelligenceThe LP Center for Value-based Payment Systems uses highly sophisticated tools to gather, manage and interpret information about emerging payment systems.

LP Briefing Center and Speakers BureauOur panel of speakers is available to deliver keynote addresses, participate on panels, present at board retreats, facilitate strategic discussions and brief senior executive teams.