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Torch Insight® is a robust market-centric analytics solution that provides the most comprehensive and accurate data on the unique attributes of ACOs, bundle payments, hospitals, physician groups, insurance carriers, and more. We make complex decisions easier by presenting multiple data sources aggregated in a user-friendly and accessible platform.

Why We're Different

Torch Insight brings together decades of Leavitt Partners health care policy expertise and consulting experience. Our team has integrated and linked thousands of variables from dozens of public and proprietary data sources, allowing clients to quickly answer complex questions that traditional data resources can’t answer on their own. Our experience makes health care data intelligent and actionable.

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Torch Insight Solutions

Health Care Landscape Explorer
Understand population health dynamics through the Torch Insight Market Explorertool. You can segment your market by state, county, HRR, or CBSA. Drill down by DRG, financial metrics, market share, and more to get the big picture in a single glance.

Curated Market Dashboards
Access community snapshot statistics, market share breakdowns, and news updates all in one location. Get smart about your market in minutes.

Data Exploration Tools
What if you need a fast answer, or don’t want to spend hours in excel to collapse, segment, filter, or visualize data? Use our user-friendly query tools to build, download and save queries with codebooks you can understand and trust.

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John Fiacco
President, Leavitt Partners Insight
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David Muhlestein
Chief Strategy and Chief Research Officer, Leavitt Partners
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Ben Gong
Director of Operations, Leavitt Partners Insight
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