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Leavitt Partners COVID-19 Services

Leavitt Partners’ experts have decades of experience working in the private and public health sectors as well as in the executive and legislative branches of the government. In response to this pandemic, Leavitt Partners has developed services to help clients address today’s urgency, while preparing for the new normal around stabilization and recovery from this crisis. As a public health organization, you are focused on increasing and strengthening your emergency response capacity to the novel coronavirus. We arm public health organizations with market data and intelligence to inform strategic decision-making, focusing on the advancement of value-based care and aggregation of financial and clinical risk at the market and system levels.

Why We're Different

We have worked with state health departments and other public health organizations for more than a decade, helping to advance a variety of public health objectives. Our role is to serve as a key influencer in connecting all health care stakeholders on a state or regional level to advance public health objectives.

Public Health Services

Designing and Delivering Webinars and Other Virtual Trainings
We design and deliver webinars and virtual trainings to help deliver key information surrounding the local COVID-19 issues and solutions to move forward. The goal of these trainings is to improve the availability of the most relevant and timely information for those in positions to inform strategic planning concerning response to COVID-19.

Forging and Developing Strategic Relationships
We support state health officials in identifying, prioritizing, and forging strategic relationships with health care leaders in their states. We bring public health leaders, private sector leaders, and state officials together to help facilitate collaboration to develop a more coordinated response to address COVID-19 and future pandemic and public health priorities.

Facilitating Interviews
We facilitate interviews and discussions with state health officials and health care leaders on the topic of COVID-19 response. We will deliver improved intelligence focused on the right topics, interests, and strategies to deploy in fighting COVID-19. This intelligence will be used to improve future pandemic system responses to better strengthen capacity. More informed individuals and state health departments will result in more clear strategic priorities, objectives, and goals.

Providing Market-Centric Data Dashboards
We develop and provide local, market-centric data dashboards to provide the most comprehensive and accurate information on the unique attributes and value-based contracting relationships between ACOs, bundle payments, hospitals, physician groups, insurance carriers, and more. These insights improve the ability to assess the right health care stakeholders (traditional and non-traditional) for state health officials to collaborate with for COVID-19 response.

Developing a Content Repository and Toolkits
We support the development of cloud-based repositories comprised of content and toolkits to address best practices, protocols, and other materials for key health care stakeholders to leverage. This content will assist in creating strategic plans based on accurate, timely, and updated data and intelligence. For an example of a tailored toolkit we developed for the National Diabetes Prevention Program, visit:

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