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Navigating the Digital Health Landscape

Leavitt Partners White Paper

Digital health has experienced a rapid transformation in the last two years since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, dramatically shifting how care is delivered to patients. To better understand the rapid changes occurring in the industry and capitalize on future market movements, Leavitt Partners has created a digital health taxonomy and standardized definitions, along with robust market segmentations and quantitative forecasts for their outlook. With these resources, Leavitt Partners aims to build a common lens and language that improves understanding and strategizing around digital health.

Insights include:

  • Digital health taxonomy and definitions
  • Estimated market sizing and projected growth for each subsegment
  • Segment market sizing reflections
  • Considerations of COVID-19’s impact on digital health

Listen to our March 23 “Digital Health Landscape for Innovators,” webinar where the authors of the report shared key insights to help innovators better understand the challenges and opportunities of the exploding digital health market.

Webinar for Innovators – Replay

You may also be interested in our “Digital Health Landscape for Investors” webinar replay to hear about the financial implications of a rapidly changing digital health market, investor interest and activities, and forecasts of what the future may look like.

Webinar for Investors – Replay

Download the Digital Health Landscape white paper here.

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