Accountable Care Organizations Are Increasingly Led by Physician Groups Rather Than Hospital Systems

Salt Lake City, May 14, 2020 –Today, the American Journal of Managed Care (AJMC) released an article entitled “Accountable Care Organizations Are Increasingly Led by Physician Groups Rather Than Hospital Systems.” This article outlines the shift in accountable care organization (ACO) market leadership as physician group organizations have begun to lead the majority of new ACOs.

Data on ACO provider types were obtained from the Leavitt Partners’ Torch Insight®, a SaaS health care data and analytics tool, to determine whether an ACO is physician, hospital, or jointly led. This determination is based on qualitative assessment of the broader organization.

“There are both more new physician-led ACOs and a greater market potential than for those led by hospital systems, suggesting physician-led ACOs will continue to grow in importance,” explained David Muhlestein, Ph.D., JD, chief strategy and chief research officer of Leavitt Partners. “Because hospitals and health systems sponsored many early ACOs, the policies, payment models, and care delivery models initially focused on building competencies for these groups. However, these policies and strategies may need to be reconsidered as the model moves forward to focus on ACOs led by physicians.” Key stakeholders must recognize that physician-led ACOs have unique needs and opportunities to address care for patients, which have direct policy implications as well.

The article can be viewed in the AJMC here.

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