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February 2, 2017 - Market Research

On Monday, January 23, U.S. District Judge John Bates issued his highly-anticipated decision regarding the Department of Justice’s anti-trust challenge that blocked the proposed $37 billion- merger between Aetna and Humana. The ruling in favor of the Department of Justice (DOJ) is significant because of the merger’s potential to cause Medicare Advantage disruptions and other […]

May 2, 2016 - LP Health Watch

The Department of Justice believes current state markets are moderately to highly concentrated. Our latest Health Watch survey asked industry experts how payer consolidation could affect health care market dynamics. Governor Mike Leavitt and Douglas Hervey, a Leavitt Partners director, will discuss market trends associated with payer consolidation and the future impact increased consolidation may […]

May 1, 2014 - Press Releases

Leavitt Partners releases a health care white paper: “Limited Competition in Health Care Provider and Payer Markets,” which provides insights into which markets demonstrate more or less competitive provider and payer dynamics.

April 1, 2014 -

News of hospital and payer consolidations in recent years has caused many stakeholders to wonder how consolidation has affected the competitiveness of health care markets. We estimated the degree of consolidation among payers and providers across 917 core-based statistical areas. We found that most provider markets are concentrated. Based on Department of Justice guidelines, 93 […]

December 31, 1969 - Blog

This past week, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) announced that the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” (PPACA) will cost at least $115 billion more than previously estimated and the Obama Department of Justice (DOJ) attorneys filed the government’s response to a lawsuit and defended the new law on the grounds of the power to […]

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