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Jennifer Colamonico
Jennifer Colamonico is a senior director at Leavitt Partners and specifically oversees Health Intelligence Partners, an executive collaboration convened by Leavitt Partners that helps organizations stay on the forefront of the emerging value economy of health care. Health Intelligence Partners provides access to value thought leaders, timely dialogue and focused, actionable health intelligence on issues […]
Leavitt Partners Releases “Price, Consumer Choice, and Health Care Marketplaces” White Paper
Salt Lake City, August 8, 2017 – Today, Leavitt Partners released “Price, Consumer Choice, and Health Care Marketplaces,” a new white paper addressing the need for more clarity about what dynamics are driving consumer choice in the health insurance marketplaces. Using data on plan premiums, brand, network size, and the exchange-eligible population for ten total […]
Charlie Brown, Lucy, and Risk Corridor Payments
On October 13, 2015, your humble blogger received the AIS Inside Health Insurance Exchange quote of the day related to non-payment of the Risk Corridor payments, “…. there was a contract going into this that there would be certain protections… and plans would price as best as they could, knowing that there was no actuarial precedent for the risk. The news that CMS could pay carriers 12 cents for every dollar requested for the first year of the risk corridor program felt like Lucy moving the football at the last second.”
State Innovation Waivers, the Next Wave of Health Care Reform?
One potential ACA replacement strategy could include punting health care reform to the states. The incoming administration could accomplish this is by significantly relaxing the 1332 innovation waiver requirements.
Colossal Rate Increases; The Exception Or The New Rule
Insurance premiums under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) are receiving increased attention due to reports of sharp 2017 increases by insurers. Across the nation, insurers have submitted initial premium increases and it is not uncommon for insurers to submit proposed rate increases in excess of 40-50% for 2017. State regulators will review the requests meticulously […]
Incentivizing Young Adults to Buy Health Insurance
In a recent announcement, CMS acknowledged the need to insure younger and healthier adults in order to contribute to a more balanced Marketplace risk pool and lower costs. CMS detailed a series of actions to step-up Marketplace outreach, especially to young adults who are still more likely than average to remain uninsured. While the suggested actions, […]