The State of Health Care Today: How Physicians, Consumers, and Employers View Health Care Costs, Outcomes, and Reform Efforts

As health care spending in the U.S. reaches unsustainable levels, the value-based reform movement seeks to rein in costs and improve quality. Amid these reform efforts, it is necessary to assess the current state of health care and how different stakeholders approach health care’s challenges and solutions. Leavitt Partners surveyed physicians, employers, and consumers across the nation to better understand their perspectives in today’s complicated, challenging, and changing health care system. Physicians, employers, and consumers all agree that fundamental changes are needed to make the U.S. health system work better; however, physicians and employers disagree on which payment reform efforts will work, who is responsible for driving reform, and which are the most important barriers to overcome. Consumers express the need for fundamental, systemic changes to the health care system, yet report satisfaction with their individual health care, including their health insurance plan. Understanding where these groups agree and disagree enhances our knowledge of the state of health care today and the best next steps for tomorrow.