Medicare: Drifting Toward Disaster

With Medicare, our nation made a promise to provide health care to our seniors. But the Medicare Fund’s Board of Trustees projects the federal hospital insurance fund, or Medicare Part A, will run out of money in 2026. Keeping our promise to our seniors and avoiding widespread loss of coverage, unsustainable spending increases, and damaging inter-generational conflict, requires change. Time is running out.

This paper, authored by former Utah Governor and U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt, discusses how to achieve bipartisan reform in Medicare. Governor Leavitt leverages the experiences and knowledge he gained serving as HHS Secretary and as a trustee of the Medicare Trust Fund to offer a way for policymakers to find a “partisan eclipse” that allows both parties to work together toward the mutual aim of making the Medicare program sustainable for future generations. Despite our current environment of hyper-partisanship, a partisan eclipse is possible when both parties experience uncertainty and fear that theirs may be the party in power when Medicare insolvency occurs.