How COVID-19 Could Affect the Election and Health Care in 2021

Leavitt Partners hosted a webinar on April 7, 2020, discussing the implications of COVID-19 on the November elections. Governor Mike Leavitt, Vince Ventimiglia, Brett Graham, and Jen Colamonico shared their thoughts on the political and economic implications of this pandemic. To view the recorded webinar, click here.

Pandemics are a biological fact, a part of the natural environment that periodically reshape our world. Pandemics happen, however they tend to skip generations, so we forget and thus are often unprepared. They always have an immediate and profound disruption, not just on short-term health effects, but on every aspect of society. With COVID-19, as with all pandemics, we will see transformations in politics, economics, and sociology.

COVID-19 is very clearly an event that is not just a short-term problem to solve but a longer-term event that we must learn to manage. As we manage this, there is a role for everyone, although sorting out the division of who is responsible for what, is difficult.

In the 2020 election, Americans will evaluate the performance of the country’s leaders. As the urgency of the pandemic eases, the political intensity will increase proportionally, particularly as we gather evidence of how well the government performed in managing the crisis. It is safe to say that COVID-19 will have a dramatic impact on elections and our republic.

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