Access to New Cures & Innovative Care for Medicaid Patients

Cell and gene therapies (CGTs) are some of the most promising and exciting medical advancements taking place today. Some existing CGTs treat previously untreatable rare diseases, and there are hundreds of CGTs in clinical development to treat various types of cancer, hemophilia, sickle cell and other blood disorders, Alzheimer’s disease, and numerous rare conditions. The prospect of curative therapies which stop a disease in its tracks or even reverse the damage caused by the disease has the potential to change the course of medicine and improve the lives of millions of people. However, these new treatments also come with new complexities, one of the most pressing of which is price. Leavitt Partners provides in-depth analysis of the challenges in CGT coverage and payment in Medicaid, as well as opportunities for improvement, including concrete recommendations to improve coverage and payment. Leavitt Partners also helps patients access CGTs.

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