The 2018 ACO Survey: Unique Paths to Success

This white paper reports the findings from the 2nd Annual ACO Survey of 203 Accountable Care Organizations, conducted in collaboration with the National Association of ACOs (NAACOS), to better understand current trends and predict future developments relating to ACOs. The survey covered topics related to contracting, financial risk, organizational structure, program initiatives, challenges, and priorities.

The key findings from this survey include:

  1. ACOs were almost evenly split on whether they would exit the program if Medicare began requiring downside financial risk. Integrated/hospital-led ACOs were much more likely than physician-led ACOs to say they would exit the program if required to take on downside risk.
  2. Integrated/hospital-led ACOs reported different challenges and priorities than physician-led ACOs.
  3. More experienced ACOs and ACOs that have taken on downside risk have adopted medication management initiatives at a higher rate than less experienced ACOs, potentially paving a path for the younger ACOs to follow.

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