Monitoring COVID-19: Near-Term Projections and Strategic Responses – Leavitt Partners Webinar

As the U.S. begins to re-open on a localized level from precautions taken during this pandemic, forward-looking data is vital to our recovery. A constantly updated three-week outlook on where the next potential outbreak may occur is critical to for successful strategic response. Whether predicting where personal protective equipment (PPE) will be most needed, trying to direct resources to local communities, or deciding when to relax or increase social distancing ordinances, etc., knowing the three-week outlook and where the needs will be, matters. Businesses, health care organizations, and public officials should constantly adjust their strategies and develop the best plan based on the potential COVID-19 outlook in their local areas.

On May 20, 2020, Leavitt Partners hosted a webinar where Governor Mike Leavitt responded to new data from Torch Insight and discussed the implications for re-opening the country. David Muhlestein shared insights on the significant variances across states between those that are seeing major increases and decreases in COVID-19 cases and what those cases look like three weeks out.

The webinar recording and slide deck are now available here