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Overview of Services for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

As the healthcare industry continues the transition to value-based care, pharmaceutical manufacturers are looking to identify market opportunities that align to their strategic objectives around value-based contracting. The challenge lies in knowing which provider organizations are specifically impacted by value-based arrangements and how that impact is translating into changes in the delivery of care.

Leavitt Partners has extensive experience helping pharmaceutical manufacturers engage with healthcare provider systems that are moving towards value and have more of their revenue tied to risk-based arrangements.


Leavitt Partners helps pharmaceutical manufacturers:

  • Assess the market landscape and its receptivity to a specified solution.
  • Assess the level of financial risk exposure provider systems have through value-based models, using the an Exposure to Value Score to segment and micro-target prospective customers.
  • Analyze how this financial risk exposure affects provider behavior.
  • Develop go-to-market strategies targeted at value-based providers with a refined value proposition.

We use this information to help pharmaceutical manufacturers develop the best path forward to effectively engage the right markets and providers in the real-world context of value-based care initiatives.

Go-to-Market Strategy Development Services

Value-Based Market Analysis
We analyze target markets of health systems and accountable care organizations (ACOs) to identify unique delivery transformation segments and the unique relationships that exist between the health systems and ACOs in those segments. The segmentation analysis produces discrete groups or provider organizations with similar approaches to delivering care.

Practice Transformation and Provider Behavior Impact Analysis
Once target segments have been identified, we help clients understand how the shift from value has affected organizations within each segment. Through survey research and systematic key-informant interviews, we evaluate the impact that practice transformation is likely to have on demand for specific products or services.

Recommendations on Market Positioning and Strategic Response
With insights from market analysis and primary research, we inform client strategies for better aligning products and services to the needs of provider organizations impacted by value-based payments. The analysis can also produce implications for business processes such as product and service line development, sales targeting, marketing strategies, and forecasting.

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