Torch Insight: A Revolutionary Way to Look at Health Care Markets

Today, businesses striving to understand health care markets purchase siloed data. While data exists on individual industries (provider, payer, pharmaceutical, etc.), the data lacks the key connections needed to provide visibility into the relationships between those industries and how markets actually operate. Imagine buying individual strands of dried spaghetti from many sellers, binding them together, and assuming you now have an award-winning spaghetti dish fit for any food network reality show.

The siloed nature of health care data arrives as close to providing a clear window into the market landscape as your dried spaghetti la spéciale does to a James Beard award. Torch Insight solves this key dilemma by offering access to an integrated data warehouse and analytics suite that solves the current fragmented nature of health care data resources. In essence, Torch Insight cooks the data “spaghetti” and adds its own secret sauce, so those looking to consume health care data can worry less about being a data chef.

How Health care Data is Sold Today


How Health care Data is Actually Consumed


What Makes Torch Insight Different?

Torch Insight is driven by decades of health care policy expertise and consulting experience, and integrates data across industries to provide a clear view of healthcare markets. Rather than a simple compilation of disparate data sets, the Torch Insight team has integrated over 2,000 aggregated, linked, and validated public and proprietary data metrics (ACO and value-based payment data, claims data, payer, health systems, hospital, physician, market and demographic data, and more) that allow consumers to quickly answer complex questions that traditional data resources can’t answer on their own.

As Former Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and Founder of Leavitt Partners, Mike Leavitt succinctly stated, “Torch Insight will transform the way organizations understand healthcare landscapes.”

In a market saturated with serious uncertainty, Torch Insight is committed to the purpose of bringing the health care industry clearer views of the health care market. Staffed with expert “chefs,” we offer  user-friendly, palatable solutions to satiate the hunger for trusted cross-industry health care data.

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