Humphrey Taylor

Senior Advisor, Consumerism, Provider Issues and Politics

Humphrey Taylor is Chairman Emeritus, The Harris Poll. During his 50+ year career in marketing and opinion research, Humphrey has had overall responsibility for more than 8,000 surveys in over 80 countries, for governments, corporations, and foundations and other non-profits. He has testified more than ten times to Congressional Committees and Subcommittees on Social Security, health care cost containment, Medicare, aging, policies affecting people with disabilities, drug exports, the taxation of employee benefits, and privacy.  He has been invited to the White House ten times under seven administrations, including meetings with Presidents Reagan, Ford and George W. Bush, and has made presentations there and on Capitol Hill on these subjects, and on health maintenance organizations, productivity, boys clubs, consumerism, health promotion and disease prevention.

Over his working life, Humphrey has authored more than 1,000 columns, papers, op-ed page articles, and book chapters.  He has written editorial page articles for the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and (London) Times.  He has been a guest lecturer at Harvard (the Kennedy School and the School of Public Health), Yale, Columbia, Oxford, NYU, The Wharton School and U.C.S.F.

In the 1980s Humphrey pioneered the use of surveys to compare the performance of different countries’ health care systems.  In the 1990s he was a prime mover in the development of Internet-based surveys and the successful use of online polling. One person who seems to think well of him is Sen. Jay Rockefeller who said, “To say Humphrey Taylor is a pollster is like saying Michelangelo does ceilings.” The Washington Post described him as “one of the reigning giants of the industry”.