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CARIN Alliance Pilots Healthcare API to Ease Health Data Exchange

August 5th, 2019

Xtelligent posted “CARIN Alliance Pilots Healthcare API to Ease Health Data Exchange”, which highlights the CARIN Alliance piloting an application programming interface (API), to improve health data exchange, announced at the 2019 Blue Botton Developers Conference. View the article here.

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The Medicaid ACO Landscape

May 1st, 2019

This white paper provides insight into the number, geographic dispersion, characteristics, and success of Medicaid ACOs as of the end of 2018. This snapshot of Medicaid ACOs was created using data from Torch Insight™, a proprietary analytics platform and compendium of health care data. Although Medicaid ACOs have not grown to the same extent as […]

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Leavitt Partners Releases “The 2018 ACO Survey: Unique Paths to Success” White Paper

March 29th, 2019

Salt Lake City, March 29, 2019—Today, Leavitt Partners released “The 2018 ACO Survey: Unique Paths to Success.” This white paper reports the findings from the 2nd Annual ACO Survey of 203 Accountable Care Organizations, conducted in collaboration with the National Association of ACOs (NAACOS), to better understand current trends and predict future developments relating to […]

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HL7® Launches FHIR® Accelerator Program

February 11th, 2019

Health Level Seven® International (HL7®), the global authority for interoperability in health care information technology with affiliates in more than 30 countries, launched the HL7 FHIR® Accelerator Program. As part of that, the CARIN Alliance has recently been approved as an HL7 FHIR Accelerator project. Ryan Howells, CARIN Alliance Project Manager and Principal at Leavitt […]

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Voluntary code of conduct developed by more than 60 industry stakeholders can help facilitate health data exchange with entities not covered by HIPAA

November 27th, 2018

The CARIN Alliance, a multi-sector group of health care and other stakeholders, has developed a voluntary code of conduct for entities not covered by HIPAA, such as third-party applications, when handling health care data accessed via application programming interfaces (APIs).

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Leavitt Partners’ Torch Insight Sees the Value in Healthcare Data

May 12th, 2018

Leavitt Partners Torch Insight was featured in a RewardExpert profile entitled “Leavitt Partners’ Torch Insight Sees the Value in Healthcare Data.” The profile provides a brief background on Leavitt Partners, noting that the firm’s intelligence-gathering process is based on Governor Mike Leavitt’s experience as HHS Secretary, and then discusses how Torch Insight aids in providing […]

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