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Evolving Health Care

Health Intelligence Partners: February Market Signals Briefing

March 18th, 2019

Amidst a constant stream of new health care headlines and developments, sound bites on health care from 2020 candidates, and state and federal health care policy activity, which are the stories and the signals that matter? In February, Leavitt Partners launched its first Market Signals Briefing webinar—a new bimonthly webinar series produced by Health Intelligence […]

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Leavitt Partners’ Torch Insight Sees the Value in Healthcare Data

May 12th, 2018

Leavitt Partners Torch Insight was featured in a RewardExpert profile entitled “Leavitt Partners’ Torch Insight Sees the Value in Healthcare Data.” The profile provides a brief background on Leavitt Partners, noting that the firm’s intelligence-gathering process is based on Governor Mike Leavitt’s experience as HHS Secretary, and then discusses how Torch Insight aids in providing […]

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