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The United States health care system is undergoing a significant transformation, which will profoundly change the industry’s product and services transactions over the next decade. Leavitt Partners’ seasoned team of experts advises C-suite and other executives in making strategic decisions within the evolving heath care economy. Our intelligence provides our clients a better understanding of what the future likely holds.

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Revenue Cycle Management Services

Using a rigorous and highly collaborative approach, we advise clients on the complex interplay of emerging industry and regulatory trends, helping to identify new opportunities. Our analysis is informed by our unique assets, which include former state and federal health care leaders, experts with deep private sector experience, a deep multi-sector network, and proprietary data. Our insights help clients navigate through an uncertain regulatory and commercial environment, to make smart growth-oriented strategic decisions amidst the shift towards value.

Strategic Growth Solutions

Situational Analysis
We advise clients on key decisions around entering new product, market, and customer segments.  We guide those decisions through a comprehensive situational analysis that accounts for competitive dynamics, customer demand, as well as relevant regulatory, economic and policy factors.

Investment Due Diligence
We inform clients as they consider new investments, acquisitions, or strategic partnerships in the emerging value economy.  As part of our methodology, we utilize data-driven analysis of regulatory, reimbursement, and industry trends that may create headwinds or tailwinds for the target investment.


Value Proposition Assessment
We help clients hone value propositions that resonate in the market, adapt their solutions to meet the needs of value purchasers, and design and enter into value-based contracts with commercial partners.  Our approach may include customized surveys, expert interviews, focus groups, and use of our proprietary data resources.

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