Research and Analytics

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Leavitt Partners research and analytics team generates data-driven research and intelligence that informs and advises health care stakeholders, policy makers, and the broader health services research community. We combine hundreds of disparate data resources with qualified primary research and deep industry expertise to understand geographic variation in health care markets, measure associations in industry trends, and quantify likely impacts of policy initiatives and industry innovation.

Why We're Different

Leavitt Partners research matches unique data assets with leading methodologies and capabilities to provide academic-caliber research to clients. We maintain access to more than 5,000 variables of interest to health care markets at national, state, and sub-state regions. These resources, combined with industry surveys, key informant interviews, focus groups, and other primary research methods allows for narrow intelligence from macro trends to on-the-ground insights unique to individual client circumstances.

Research and Analytics Solutions

Market Analytics
We conduct customized investigations into market opportunities through aggregated data resources and targeted primary research efforts to help clients understand all of the dynamics at play within a particular market.

Syndicated Research
We have constructed a platform for efficient data collection and collaborative thought leadership, enabling us to provide multiple stakeholders with access to reports, trends, raw data and other research to help inform decisions and deliver intelligence.

Organizational Assessments
We work with clients to understand their needs and conduct a variety of assessments to help inform organizational decisions. Our assessments are focused on value-based organization and opportunity assessments, health care employee/provider engagement and satisfaction, and performance benchmarking.

Innovation and Policy Impacts
We conduct historical and predictive evaluations of the impact of policy initiatives, products, services, and other health care initiatives or interventions to help clients understand the implications and impact to their business.