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The U.S. healthcare industry presents more than a $9 trillion market opportunity to investors. In 2020, the pandemic exposed several deficiencies in the current healthcare system as well as accelerated innovation around telehealth, insurance shifts, changes in consumer expectations, supply chain, the elevated need for and role of public health, and payment tied to value-based care.

How We Help

Leavitt Partners works with companies outside of the healthcare industry to:

  • Assess the potential value of the company’s existing assets as they relate to healthcare opportunities
  • Identify and recommend areas of opportunity for investment, growth, and strategic partnerships

We offer a number of resources for businesses interested in expanding into the healthcare sector. Check out our latest video about investment opportunities in 2021 below:


You can also learn about the pressures facing current stakeholders following 2020 investment trends in this video:



We assess the company’s portfolio and assets to provide perspective on existing and incremental capabilities that your company would like to increase scalability and success in, as it moves into the healthcare industry. To do this, we utilize a strategic framework that:

  • Inventories use cases
  • Evaluates assets in relation to the use cases
  • Provides a recommendation as to where the assets will have the greatest utility and likelihood of success
  • Includes an environmental assessment of current trends in healthcare as relates to the use cases
  • Maps current assets to use cases
  • Identifies high priority opportunity areas where your company could deploy current assets

Our strategic framework also includes inventorying all compatible use cases across various healthcare segments, using a combination of research, analysis, and advisory feedback to score the attractiveness to your company. We will lead a process to determine other weak signals in the marketplace that might portend other use case categories that are emergent in other areas of opportunity.

We evaluate areas where your company does not currently have assets that would lead to success in a specific use case. The outcome of the evaluation includes recommendations related to investments, acquisitions, and other relevant opportunities.

During the due diligence process, we explore the leading three to five partner or acquisition opportunities in depth. Specific domains will be assessed, including:

  • Partners
  • Mergers and Acquisition opportunities
  • Regulatory and legislative challenges and opportunities
  • Market sizing
  • Market potential
  • Other relevant domains.

We also help determine additional capabilities or assets your company would need to develop or acquire to successfully connect assets with healthcare opportunities. This includes identifying existing entities that possess those capabilities, as well as companies that could serve as potential partners or target acquisitions.

We deliver a written report and presentation that details our analysis and suggests up to five opportunities for the company to pursue with rationale and strategic considerations as it enters the healthcare industry.

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