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We provide leading-edge data and analytics tools that illuminate the complex interplay of emerging industry trends to uncover hidden opportunities.
How can I know what my market is demanding?
Your Dilemma

Confronted with resource and time constraints, many organizations are trying to identify stakeholder receptivity to certain products and services and better understand health care trends. They also want to understand how to strategically target key markets and organizations and position themselves to maximize investment opportunities.

Your Dilemma
Our Solution

At Leavitt Partners, we conduct blinded interviews and surveys with product experts to validate or challenge assumptions regarding the marketability of the client’s products and/or services within a risk-based provider sector. We also use market analytics to identify the best markets and organizations that fit our client’s value proposition.

Our Solution

Market Position highlights over 5000 variables that represent drivers, constrainers and indicators of how the health care system is evolving at a national and market-specific level. We output a Heat Map that helps you identify and navigate environmental shifts in relevant regional and state health care markets to inform and drive your strategic decisions.

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With Market Survey, you have access to custom market research knowledge about the health care products and services in highest demand.  To learn more, click the “Speak with an Expert” button below and we will connect you with one of our Market Survey analysts.

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