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How quickly are health care organizations embracing the shift to value?
Your Dilemma

As a payer, provider, vendor—anyone in the business of health care—what do you need to know:

  • How quicklythe health care system is moving toward value-based payment models, both nationally and in individual markets
  • What/who are the major drivers accelerating change
  • The factors that have potential to stop the transition
  • Who are the early adopters that are shaping the local market
Your Dilemma
Our Solution

Leavitt Partners combines national projections with primary research to identify how targeted markets will move toward value-based payment models relative to the nation.  We identify specific (1) market drivers, (2) timing of when a market will begin to transform, and (3) what factors can be modified which will speed up or slow down this change. Key factors we consider include:

  • Success of early ACOs
  • Payer vertical consolidation
  • Integration/hospital system growth
  • Physician employment relationships
  • Presence of restricted networks
  • Physician supply
  • Inpatient/outpatient HIT
Our Solution
  • Know how fast your market is moving toward value
  • Understand how that compares to other markets
  • Identify opportunities to prioritize certain markets and organizations
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