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Leavitt Risk Partners (LRP) is one of the Leavitt Partners family of companies. Since 2005, LRP has successfully delivered a unique and innovative type of insurance product that covers the cost of care associated with complications from surgical procedures. With this new type of insurance as cornerstone, LRP offers solutions to providers including patient financing, provider networking and professional consulting.

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LRP has provided complication protection on almost 30,000 surgical cases and has managed on behalf of its surgeons over $30,000,000 in medical bills that would otherwise have been the responsibility of the individual patient and their payer organization. LRP Risk Protection is available in multiple surgical specialties including bariatric, plastics, orthopedic (including spine), urology, gynecology, ENT, gastroenterology, general surgery, hand, foot and cardio-thoracic. More surgical specialties are currently in development.

For more information about Leavitt Risk Partners, visit: leavittriskpartners.com

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Phil Harker
President, Leavitt Risk Partners
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Regi Schindler
Executive Vice President and Director of Insurance Operations
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