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Systems of health and health care in America are in a time of change. As we travel down the 40-year journey to a value-based health economy, there are policy shifts, market twists and turns, and new innovations that are constantly shaping our journey. 

Leavitt Partners’ Learning Communities solutions are created to synthesize perspectives across the US health care system, blend market and policy insights, and provide critical context to help clients understand what most impacts their strategic goals. 


Health Intelligence Partners
Health Intelligence Partners (HIP) is a membership-based community of health care leaders (e.g., industry leaders, strategists, innovators, enablers of change) seeking to understand, navigate, and thrive in the evolving health care economyHIP member benefits include: 

  • Perspectives on market and public policy developments (e.g., newsletters and webinars) 
  • Networking and cross-stakeholder forums (e.g., virtual and in-person events, including roundtables and an annual policy conference, strategy conference, and executive retreat 
  • Leavitt Partners proprietary survey and market data  

HIP supports clients seeking to identify trends and prepare for change. 

Accountable Care Learning Collaborative
The Accountable Care Learning Collaborative (ACLC) is a membership-based community of providers and industry partners (e.g., vendors, associations, insurers, manufacturers, consultants) seeking to accelerate the market’s successful transition to value-based payment. ACLC member benefits include:  

  • Market intelligence (e.g., newsletters, case studies, and other publications) 
  • Networking and peer-learning forums (i.e., in-person and virtual)  
  • Platform to showcase ACLC member contributions to this movement (e.g., ACLC marketing materials, publications) 

ACLC supports clients seeking to enable and implement change.  

Custom Learning Communities
Leavitt Partners convenes diverse stakeholders seeking to collectively address the challenges hindering the market’s evolution to value. Leveraging our expertise in health care and convening, our approach includes: 

  • Identifying and engaging key stakeholders; 
  • Consensus-based collaboration; and 
  • Clear objectives. 

Leavitt Partners learning communities support clients seeking to go beyond their four walls or industry to engage the broader health care community to solve shared challenges. 

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Example: Weekly D.C. Pulse Briefing

For those focused on tracking federal policy, D.C. Pulse helps clients stay current on legislative and regulatory action to anticipate policy changes that affect their business. A weekly focused intelligence briefing with our D.C. leadership team to track federal health policy activity (legislative and regulatory) is included with a full HIP membership. For an example of the weekly briefings, click on the video located to the left.