RECORDING: Using Budget Reconciliation to Advance Health Policy Change in Congress Webinar

In 2021, the 117th Congress may have two opportunities to use budget reconciliation to advance parts of President Biden’s and Democrats’ health care agenda. However, this is not as easy or straight forward as it may appear. On January 10th, Leavitt Partners hosted a webinar where Liz Wroe and Sara Singleton, principals at Leavitt Partners, provided an insider’s look at the ways in which reconciliation could potentially be used to move the agenda forward and the implications of that for your business. A recording of this webinar is below.

The budget reconciliation process has already started and is a likely vehicle for both COVID-19 and structural health care reforms this year. Our Budget Reconciliation services can help organizations navigate policy issues they confront as well as the often confusing legislative budget reconciliation process. Contact us at if you’d like to learn more.