Study Finds 40% of Doctors Pessimistic About Practice of Medicine

A Healthcare Dive article entitled “Study finds 40% of doctors pessimistic about practice of medicine,” discussed findings from a recently released Leavitt Partners publication, “Examining Physician Pessimism: 2017 Survey on Physicians’ Outlook on the Practice of Medicine.” David Muhlestein, Leavitt Partners’ chief research officer and one of the authors of the paper, told Healthcare Dive in a statement that “one key to the survey results is that there isn’t one specific type of physician who is pessimistic. If there were, we could focus on those physicians and how we could improve their circumstances. Instead, we found that a pessimistic outlook can affect any physician and that a lot of factors associated with pessimism are on the practice-level,” said Muhlestein, a chief research officer at Leavitt Partners.