Home Is Where the Heart Is (and the Lungs and Liver)

This morning, Roll Call published co-authored by Vince Ventimiglia. The piece, entitled “Home Is Where the Heart Is (and the Lungs and Liver)” discusses how housing impacts health and summarizes five recommendations to improve existing and create new collaborations between the U.S. departments of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and Health and Human Services (HHS), as outlined in a Bipartisan Policy Center “HUD-HHS Partnerships: A Prescription for Better Health” report released today. The recommendations are as follows: 1) HUD and HHS should strive to connect at-risk populations with available resources by developing a national data-matching initiative, 2) The agencies should integrate housing and behavioral health resources to provide a better platform for treatment and long-term recovery, 3) Creating more healthy homes to reduce lead poisoning and asthma triggers should become a shared goal, 4) The agencies should align their disaster-related housing and health services so communities can better help residents after a natural disaster, and 5) HUD and HHS should support healthy aging by better coordinating their existing supportive services and home modification programs. Vince served as an advisory board member for the Bipartisan Policy Center initiative.