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D.C. Pulse Membership Overview

Leavitt Partners Health Speakers

Leavitt Partners gathers, analyzes, and translates market intelligence to inform clients and the general public on key health care trends. Our insights support strategic planners and advisors in making smart decisions as they navigate a dynamic health care economy.

  • Through Health Intelligence Partners, a member-based community, we regularly convene industry executives to promote cross-sector collaboration and learning on key issues.
  • With D.C. Pulse, we help clients stay current on legislative and regulatory action.
  • Leavitt Partners Speakers bring our insights to you at conferences, board meetings and educational sessions.

Why We're Different

Health care is constantly changing, due to factors such as demographics, technology, innovation, cost pressure and reforms to payment and care delivery. Leavitt Partners health intelligence is developed and affirmed by a team of advisors, futurists, and academics who hold influential industry roles. Our views are shaped by a belief that we are 25 years into a 40-year journey toward value…and our intelligence is designed for those who recognize the importance of getting there.

Health Intelligence Solutions

Leavitt Partners solutions offer access to regularly-updated intelligence through in-person events and speeches, conference calls, data tracking, and thought leadership.

Health Intelligence Partners
A health intelligence community supporting strategic decision-making in the value economy; weekly updates, monthly events, annual summit.

D.C. Pulse
Focused intelligence briefings with our D.C. leadership team to track federal health policy activity (legislative and regulatory).

Leavitt Partners Health Speakers
Access to Leavitt Partners subject matter experts to educate your audiences on the latest health care trends and implications, and drive meetings to meaningful conclusions and a path for change management.

Accountable Care Learning Collaborative
Leavitt Partners manages a non-profit initiative to advance best practices in accountable care, offered by Western Governors University. View details.

Meet Our Experts

Jennifer Colamonico
Senior Director
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John Poelman
Senior Director
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Example: Weekly D.C. Pulse Briefing

For those focused on tracking federal policy, D.C. Pulse helps clients stay current on legislative and regulatory action to anticipate policy changes that affect their business. Member benefits include a weekly focused intelligence briefing with our D.C. leadership team to track federal health policy activity (legislative and regulatory), a weekly newsletter and an annual policy forum in DC. (D.C. Pulse is also included in a full HIP membership.) For an example of the weekly briefings, click on the video located to the left.