Health Intelligence Partners: Market Signals Briefing August Webinar

Leavitt Partners held a Market Signals Briefing webinar on August 21 as part of a continuing bimonthly webinar series produced by Health Intelligence Partners (HIP). Designed to provide health care stakeholders with timely perspectives on current market events and to identify what matters, HIP Market Signals Briefings bring experts together to sift through the noise in the market and identify key signals worthy of attention.

In the August Market Signals Briefing webinar, Leavitt Partners’ principals and senior advisers provided their perspectives on the signals that suggest how the market is responding to price transparency initiatives that have been a focus in 2019.

Highlights include:

  • Despite the bipartisan political pressure to lower pharmaceutical prices and increase price transparency in health care, Congressional proposals still face a complicated path.
  • Federal proposals vary widely and have not yet gathered the widespread agreement necessary to move through both houses of Congress.
  • While PBMs seem to have escaped direct legislative action for now, market pressures may be driving restructuring such as the CVS/Aetna merger.
  • Drug makers’ and PBMs’ responses appear to include more real-time formulary information at the point of prescribing, and coinsurance based on post-rebate prices.
  • Hospitals may find themselves in a real bind with employed physicians—whether paying subsidies to their own doctors or subjecting their patients to out-of-network bills. Further, the financial exposure hospitals could face under arbitration for surprise billing may force physician contracting into the spotlight.
  • In the face of a possible recession, when prices are still high, investors are beginning to ask whether returns will remain high over the next few years. As the risk increases on these high prices, it could shift investment back towards safer bets.



The HIP Market Signals Briefing is now available to all active LP clients, including HIP members. To learn more about engaging in the dialogue through Health Intelligence Partners, including the HIP Market Signals Briefing webinar series, please contact Jennifer Colamonico at