Health Intelligence Partners: February Market Signals Briefing

Amidst a constant stream of new health care headlines and developments, sound bites on health care from 2020 candidates, and state and federal health care policy activity, which are the stories and the signals that matter? In February, Leavitt Partners launched its first Market Signals Briefing webinar—a new bimonthly webinar series produced by Health Intelligence Partners (HIP).

Designed to provide timely perspectives on current market events to help health care stakeholders focus on what matters, the HIP Market Signals Briefings sift through the recent noise to identify key signals worthy of attention.  The HIP Market Signals Briefing brings together experts to share their perspectives on key activities in the health care market and what they mean for the market’s efforts to improve quality and lower costs to consumers and the health care system.

On the February 20 webinar, Leavitt Partners principals and senior advisors provided their perspectives on tailwinds for technology activity in health care in 2019, the drug pricing initiatives that have the most potential for impact—and action—this year, and what the multi-payer alternative payment model activity in North Carolina means for the value-based movement.

  • Brett Graham, Leavitt Partners Chief Strategy Officer, and Dr. Mark Smith, Leavitt Partners Advisor, provided perspective on what the HIMSS 2019 conference activity and the new LP/KPMG report might mean for ongoing investments in HIT and care management solutions.
  • Susan Winckler, Leavitt Partners Chief Risk Management Officer and President of Leavitt Partners Solutions, and Kim Slocum, Leavitt Partners Advisor, provided perspective on how the market might react to the Trump administration’s proposals to lower prescription drug prices.
  • David Muhlestein, Leavitt Partners Chief Research Officer, and Ian Morrison, Leavitt Partners Advisor, provided perspective on North Carolina’s aggressive move toward value-based payment models.

The HIP Market Signals Briefing is now available to all LP clients, in addition to HIP subscribers. To learn more about engaging in the dialogue through Health Intelligence Partners, including the HIP Market Signals Briefing webinar series, please contact Jennifer Colamonico at