ONC Tech Forum

August 11, 2020 - / Virtual platform

Ryan Howells will speak at the ONC Tech Forum on August 11, 2020. You can see Ryan on the following panel:

FHIR Endpoint Discovery and Monitoring
11:00am – 12:00pm ET

FHIR servers are proliferating across the nation, making health data available for application developers and consumers. As the available server endpoints multiply, how can you find a FHIR endpoint for an organization or provider? And, how do you know what FHIR operations the endpoint supports? This session will debut a system, coined “Lantern” that monitors the availability and adoption of FHIR API service base URLs across the U.S., providing insightful analytics. This session will also feature perspectives on FHIR endpoint discovery and monitoring from several industry stakeholders.

The ONC Tech Forum will be held virtually from August 10-11, 2020. Event details here.