Improving Quality in Addiction Care Series

May 5, 2022 - June 30, 2022 / LinkedIn Live

Part 1:  Quality Standards in Addiction Care

The American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) Level of Care Certification was launched in June 2020 to improve the quality of addiction treatment. The certification gives patients, loved ones, payers, and regulators the knowledge that a given treatment program can administer evidence-based addiction treatment that is appropriately matched to a patient’s individual needs.

This webinar featured a discussion with R. Corey Waller MD, MS, Managing Director of the HMA Institute on Addiction and Editor in Chief for the 4th edition of The ASAM Criteria, and HMA Senior Consultant Nicole Bongiovanni, BSN, who works with public and private clients looking to understand and adopt the changes needed for compliance.

Learning Objectives:

  • Today’s quality of care at adult residential substance use disorder (SUD) treatment facilities and the opportunity to improve quality standards of addiction care
  • The CARF International certification process developed by ASAM to set standards for the first time
  • The longer-term trends around certification and what providers, payers, and local governments can do now to become accredited
  • How HMA is helping facilities prepare for and achieve certification

Featured Speakers:
Nicki Bongiovanni, BSN, Senior Consultant, HMA

R. Corey Waller MD, MS
Managing Director, HMA Institute on Addiction

Moderated by:
Jennifer Colamonico, Senior Director, Leavitt Partners

Additional Resources:
HMA’s team of quality, certification, accreditation, behavioral health (BH), and SUD experts have the experience, know-how, and capabilities to provide technical assistance in preparing for, and successfully achieving, ASAM Level of Care Certification. The HMA team has been trained and approved by ASAM to guide clients through the certification process and help build better systems of care and accountability from the ground up, including developing policies and procedures, consulting on legislative priorities, and writing and updating SUD administrative code for states. Please review the resources below for more information.


Part 2: Improving Quality in Addiction Medicine: Implications for Healthcare Payers, Providers, and Regulators

Residential treatment providers can demonstrate that the care they are delivering is done so with adherence to the ASAM level of care criteria, which is increasingly becoming the standard bearer for quality care. Our experts explored the implications for payers, providers, and regulators in our June 30 webinar.

Together they addressed:

  • How providers can go about choosing/referring patients to the right partners
  • How payers can create the right incentives for quality, including where value-based payments could work better
  • Tools regulators can use to encourage better standards, whether through mandates or contract parameters

Webinar Slides

Featured Speakers

Nicole Bongiovanni
Senior Consultant, HMA

Kamala Greene Génecé, PhD
Principal, HMA

Moderated by:
Andrew Croshaw
CEO, Leavitt Partners
Chief Strategy and Integration Officer, HMA