COVID-19 Expertise

Why We’re Different

When Governor Leavitt was secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (from 2005 to 2009), the emergence of an influenza virus with pandemic potential known as the H5N1 came about. Governor Leavitt had the responsibility for preparing the country for a possible pandemic. He spent three years leading a focused effort to enhance our nation’s readiness and wrote the playbook on how to prepare for a pandemic. Through Governor Leavitt’s leadership and expertise, Leavitt Partners is here to help our clients work through today’s challenges, while preparing for the future.

How We Help

The coronavirus crisis poses an unprecedented challenge to our nation. Leavitt Partners’ experts have decades of experience working in the private and public health sectors as well as in the executive and legislative branches of the government. In response to this pandemic, Leavitt Partners has developed services to help clients address today’s urgency, while preparing for the “New Normal” around stabilization and recovery from this crisis.

As Governor Mike Leavitt has stated many times, “It’s important to recognize that pandemics are difficult to talk about. Anything said in advance of a pandemic seems alarmist. After a pandemic begins, anything one has said or done is inadequate.”


Federal Insights and Advocacy
From the latest updates on the federal response to the COVID-19 pandemic, to anticipating the likely health policy changes after the election, what happens in Washington will impact virtually every health care organization. Leavitt Partners offers a suite of integrated services that help our clients anticipate and interpret key federal health policy, political, and personnel developments in Washington, D.C.

Legislative Insights include:

  • Congressional Intelligence
  • Policy Development
  • Advocacy Strategy

Administrative Insights include:

  • Administrative Policy Intelligence
  • Comments on Administrative Action
  • Business-Specific Regulatory Impact Analysis
  • Advocacy Strategy

Return to Work Services
Leavitt Partners works with clients to develop a detailed strategic plan to safely “Return to Work.” A few key considerations we are helping our clients address include the following.

Private Sector:

  • When business can resume as usual?
  • How might businesses re-engage in an environment with widespread availability of the vaccine?
  • How might vaccination affect the continued reliance on mitigation protocols?
  • The extent to which vaccines can/should be required for employees/customers?
  • Effective ways to incentivize vaccine uptake among employees/customers?

Healthcare Organizations:

  • How to engage with local leaders and the community to ensure COVID-19 vaccines and vaccination services are widely available?
  • How to generate demand for vaccines overcome vaccine/hesitation?

State Public Health Advisory Services
Leavitt Partners works with states and public health agencies to design measures and guidelines to help get people back to work and avoid large scale shutdowns.  Leavitt Partners works with national experts and advisors, local health departments, business and government leaders, and real-time data analysis to provide recommendations on:

  • Developing a range of stay-at-home orders
  • Prioritizing grouping level populations for testing
  • Creating quarantine guidelines for asymptomatic patients and individuals living with those who exhibit symptoms

Scenario Analysis and Strategic Planning
Leavitt Partners supports large companies in adapting their strategies to the evolving COVID-19 environment. Through scenario planning, situational analyses, and facilitated discussions, Leavitt Partners steps business leaders through the process of formulating strategic reactions to the altered economic, policy, regulatory, and political landscape.

Leavitt Partners articulates future state scenarios reflecting changing policy, possible outcomes of key elections, and trajectories of the disease, and explores the impact of those scenarios on a company’s competencies and assists, competitive environment, partner relationships, and customer needs. Leavitt Partners recommends strategic reactions, and engages leaders in working sessions to formulate their path forward.

Deliverables include:

  • Tailored future state scenarios
  • Recommended actions to support the company in optimizing its market position

Health Care Payment Landscape Perspectives and Impact
Leavitt Partners provides perspective on how employers are coping with COVID-19. This includes perspective on COVID-19 impacts employer areas of focus, employer layoff and furloughs on non-essential businesses, health plan offerings, and potential implications for 2021 offerings.

Topics to be addressed include:

  • What are employers focused on with respect to COVID-19 (urgency, stabilization, recovery)?
  • What actions could employers take after the intensity of the immediate COVID-19 situation subsides?
  • How might employers view their 2021 health care strategy and renewals in light of the current COVID-19 and economic situations?

Speaking Engagements and Content Delivery
Leavitt Partners’ experts will host and deliver a series of virtual forums, providing expertise on clear and actionable direction to help local businesses navigate the COVID-19 health and economic crisis. Participants will gain an enhanced ability to navigate this novel coronavirus in a way that helps businesses adapt, innovate, and overcome with answers to questions such as:

  • What steps can I take now to position my business for a more rapid recovery?
  • Where do I get immediate business assistance?
  • What assumptions should I make to inform my business planning?
  • What sources of information should I listen to?
  • How long will it last?

Additional topics could include:

  • Workforce Decisions and the CARES Act
  • Survival Tactics for Small Businesses
  • Finance and Banking Issues
  • Managing Customers and Supply Chains
  • Health Care and Supplier Management

Meet Our Experts

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Founder; Chair, Board of Managers
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CEO, Leavitt Partners Collaborative Advocates
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Chief Research and Innovation Officer, Leavitt Partners
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