We are alliance builders. We bring a broad array of health care experts together to lead complex, interdisciplinary collaborations and produce solutions to some of health care’s most challenging issues.
How can I best team with like-minded organizations?
Your Dilemma

Some say a shift is underway in how health care organizations solve problems. It’s more than a shift, actually. It’s a seismic change. Collaboration is becoming the centerpiece of success. Collaboration presents a new and powerful way to solve problems or capitalize on opportunities in health care.

Your Dilemma
Our Solution

At Leavitt Partners, we provide a full range of collaborative services that help value alliances keep up with and take advantage of emerging trends. At each stage, we provide specialty tools and expertise that enable your alliance to thrive.

Our Solution
We Will Help You
  • Define and assess the common pain or opportunity bringing the parties together
  • Create a collaborative purpose statement
  • Identify a “Convener of Stature” to bring and keep the alliance together
  • Recruit the right participants
  • Define operating procedures for the collaboration
  • Maintain project momentum
  • Build a cloud-based collaborative portal for quick access to critical information
We Will Help You
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Our Value Alliance Solutions will help you leverage industry collaboration in an increasingly competitive and complex world. To learn more, click the “Speak with an Expert” button below and we will connect you with one of our Value Alliance Solutions analysts.

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