We are alliance builders. We bring a broad array of health care experts together to lead complex, interdisciplinary collaborations and produce solutions to some of health care’s most challenging issues.
How can organizations across industries achieve goals together?
Your Dilemma

Health care organizations with divergent interests often face common challenges. It is becoming increasingly difficult for any individual organization to achieve meaningful legislative, regulatory, policy or business reforms.

Your Dilemma
Our Solution

Leavitt Partners helps diverse health care and life science organizations develop multidisciplinary collaborations to resolve complex challenges and accomplish their objectives through policy reform, regulatory reform, legislative action and development of industry best practices.

We bring value to clients through the enhanced influence of a broad unified voice, leverage of shared financial and in kind resources and an ability to advocate for shared policy positions without attribution to a single organization.

Our Solution
A Proven Method
  • Define and assess the common challenge.
  • Develop strategy for implementation and reform through legislation, regulation or business practices.
  • Recruit the right participants.
  • Define operating procedures for the collaboration.
  • Manage processes that develop consensus resolutions to advance the business and policy objectives of all participants.
A Proven Method
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With Collaborative Advocacy you can develop successful consensus-based resolutions to cross industry challenges. To learn more, click the “Speak with an Expert” button below and we will connect you with one of our experts.

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